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  • Noritacos - Unique Japanese-Latin Street food

    A crispy seaweed tempura shell with Japanese-Latin fusion fillings.

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Our noritacos are made of crispy seaweed tempura shells with Japanese-Latin fusion fillings.


Cool Dishes

Our cool dish menu offers a variety of maki, rice and mini savoury pancakes.



From Miso Soup to Gyoza we have the perfect sides to go with our Noritacos.

It is not sushi, it is not taco, it is Sugoi! (Cool in Japanese)

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The Name...

And it's meaning.

The Name...

Sugoi is a Japanese superlative, is an exclamation linked to the positive admiration of a talent or power, very used in Japan to describe something that is wonderful or incredible (Cool-Awesome). JPN is the acronym or the international abbreviation for the country of the risen sun. It could be interpreted as the incredible power of Japan, its cuisine, but with a happy Latin twist.


Who is behind the idea?

Who is behind the idea?

Since more than fifteen years ago Felipe and Veronica had been developing Japanese restaurants concepts with a full service of management, strategic planning, marketing and design. They have the knowledge to create and define restaurants, the brand positioning and expansion, from the initial idea, through the construction, startup and beyond.

Our Concept

Our Concept

Inspired in Piss Alley street food market (Tokyo) and Latin American’s (Mexico & Venezuela) street food stalls, we are taking and fusion the best of the Latin and Japanese, traditions, culture and flavors to get a new hardcore street food concept, noritacos, 100% fresh & fun.