Winner of Best Takeaway Chef Britain 2019 and Takeaway of the year East London 2020

A cool pop-up to enjoy our Noritacos!

The sugoiest brewery in London

Old Street Brewery

Visit our Pop-up

Located in a converted railway arch on top of Bethnal Green Underground station. They brew in the back, while you are served their beers straight from brite tanks, ensuring that you drink the freshest beer possible.

 If you visit during the week (Arch 11), you are likely to see them brewing up. Wanna see more?

Tuesday- Friday 17:00-22:00

Saturday 12:00-22:00

Sunday 14:00-22:00

More about us...

We are more than just a small delivery and takeaway kitchen at East London, inspired in Piss Alley street food market (Tokyo) and Latin American’s street food stalls, taking and fusion the best of the Latin and Japanese, traditions, culture, and flavours to get a new hardcore street food concept, noritacos, 100% fresh & fun.

Nori + Taco = Noritaco: A crispy seaweed tempura shell with Japanese Latin fusion fillings


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7 Arch Gales Gardens, E2 0EJ, London. UK.

Tel: 07490604562

Monday - Friday:

 12:00-15:00 / 17:00-22:00

Saturday - Sunday:

12:00 - 22:00

Because being cool never goes out of style

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