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Want The Best Japanese Food In Soho?

If you have been thinking of ordering or collecting something different to your usual go-to treat meal or lunch at work, why not come and take a look at the incredible Japanese street food we offer here at SugoiJPN. Japanese street food Soho has been developed and grown around our Latin0Japanese fusion menu that you simply won't find anywhere else. If you want food delivered or Japanese street food for collection, we are here for you.

We are well known in the area for offering the best Japanese food for takeout or collection, so be sure to come and check out what we can offer either at our Japanese inspired food hub or online with delivery. You know nothing beats flavourful, colourful and exciting food, so get in touch with us today, Sugoi JPN is the place to eat. You can order a range of dishes, small plates and more from our Soho location as well as our other restaurants.

With years of experience and development of the Latin-Japanese fusion we have created, we can confidently say you won’t find food like ours anywhere else, we’ll be able to cater to all taste buds. Regardless of the amount of food you want to enjoy, we can offer you small dishes for light bites or you can order a whole host of dishes for a more wholesome meal to enjoy, we have you covered regardless of what you are looking for.

All of the meals we prepare are fun, fresh and delicious, you can take a look through our menu below, with the only question remaining will you order or come and collect? Order Latin-Japanese fusion food today from Sugoi JPN, we have the best Japanese food in Soho. 



We offer FREE delivery on all orders over £30 made on the app or through our website. Order today for the best Japanese food in Soho and the surrounding areas. If you are still unsure, check out our reviews or visit our Instagram, Facebook for more mouth-watering snaps of our Japanese street food Soho.


If you have been searching for Japanese food in Soho, you have come to the right place. We are here to make it as affordable as possible to enjoy exquisite Latin-Japanese fusion food, the stuff that we are known for here at Sugoi JPN. We will offer you a 10% discount on your first Noritaco’s order (delivery or collection). Order a few small plates or add a number of dishes together to make a seafood sensation.

Also, don’t forget to use our loyalty points programme and Itadakimasu. T&Cs apply! Sugoi JPN gives you the chance to enjoy Japanese restaurant-style food either from the comfort of your own home, or by coming and collecting it from our pop up shop, and eating it on the go. For cheap Japanese food in Soho, be sure to take a look at our menu and start planning your order.

Japanese Dining

For the best Japanese food in Soho, Sugoi JPN is, without doubt, the best place to order from, if not the only place you should be ordering from. Our team has built up a reputation across Soho for offering the best Japanese food, you will always receive the perfect meal with us.

We only offer collection or takeout as we like to keep it simple and about the food here at Sugoi JPN, so why not come along and grab some Latin-Japanese fusion food to take with you to eat on the go, or to go and enjoy in Soho Square Gardens. 

Japanese Takeout

Does the idea of Japanese food without cooking sound like just what you need after a busy day? At Sugoi JPN, we’re here to help with that. We’re here to cater to all your requirements when it comes to Japanese takeout; so we’ll bring the restaurant to you. This way, you can enjoy top quality Japanese dining in the comfort of your home, it really is as simple as that.

We are the number one choice for many who search for delicious Japanese takeout food in Soho. What’s more, we offer FREE delivery on all orders over £30 so you can be sure to get a great deal with us. It is always a good idea to order from our Soho based team, Sugoi JPN can bring Japanese street food directly to your door. Order from us today!

Why Choose Sugoi JPN For Japanese Takeout?

Having cooked Japanese food for customers throughout Soho for some time now, we have become the first choice for many. During this time, we have developed an outstanding reputation, both for our quality of food and our customer service. Our street food is second to none, offering fried chicken, seafood and vegetarian options, we can cater for everyone. Pairing fresh traditional flavours with modern Japanese street flavours and Latin cuisine, we bring you the best Japanese street fusion.

So, if you’re based in Soho and fancy Japanese takeout food for dinner tonight, come to Sugoi JPN. We’re here to deliver the best and most flavoursome Japanese food in your area. With that in mind, some of the main reasons why you should order with us are:

  • We have 5 branches including one in Soho
  • Our meals truly are amazing and will fulfil any appetite for Japanese food
  • We were awarded Takeaway of the year (East London) 2020
  • Also Best Takeaway Chef in Britain 2020
  • Our reviews speak for themselves
  • Get FREE delivery on orders over £30!

    Order Japanese Food From Sugoi JPN Today!

    If you are desperate to try some Latin-Japanese fusion food or have been craving our Nortitaco's, come to none other than Sugoi JPN. We have developed and perfected the best Japanese food in Soho and the surrounding areas for many years now, so no matter your taste buds, we are sure to satisfy your need for Japanese food.

    Place your order today and FREE delivery on all orders over £30, and 50% off your first Nortitaco order. Don't miss out and order the best Japanese food in Soho today, Sugoi JPN is the only place to come. Check out our menu below. 

    You can also read our FAQs for further information regarding our Japanese food and placing orders. If your needs have not been met within our frequently asked questions, then please waste no time and be sure to contact us.

    We also offer you our Latin-Japanese street food creations in South Wimbledon and Stockwell. 

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