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About us

Our name and its meaning

Sugoi is a Japanese superlative, is an exclamation linked to the positive admiration of a talent or power, very used in Japan to describe something that is wonderful or incredible (Cool-Awesome). JPN is the acronym or the international abbreviation for the country of the risen sun. It could be interpreted as the incredible power of Japan, its cuisine, but with a happy Latin twist in the case of our food concept.

Our food concept

Inspired in Piss Alley street food market (Tokyo) and Latin American’s (Mexico & Venezuela) street food stalls, we are taking and fusion the best of the Latin and Japanese, traditions, culture and flavors to get a new hardcore street food concept,noritacos, 100% fresh & fun.
Nori: The Japanese name for edible seaweed it is used chiefly as an ingredient to wrap sushi.
Taco: A traditional Mexican dish consisting of a corn or wheattortilla folded or rolled around a filling.
Nori + Taco = Noritaco
A crispy seaweed tempura shell with Japanese-Latin fusion fillings.
It is not sushi, it is not taco, it is Sugoi!


Who’s behind the idea? - Storytelling

Since more than fifteen years ago Felipe and Veronica had been developing Japanese restaurants concepts with a full service of management, strategic planning, marketing and design. They have the knowledge to create and define restaurants, the brand positioning and expansion, from the initial idea, through the construction, startup and beyond. 

Everything started back in 1997 when Felipe felt in love at first sight with Veronica in a Sushi bar at Caracas-Venezuela, he was eating there and she was working as a part time waitresses while she was studying graphic design, to impress her, he decided to become a sushi encyclopedia and visit her every week to show her his sushi knowledge, and his strategy worked! Today after 20 years together she is the love of his life, they have a sushi lover daughter and their life goes around Japanese gastronomy.

These professionals know the Japanese fine dining and casual restaurant industry with a proven record of successful concept development. Have also advised and eaten in different Nihon restaurants at so many cities around the world, like Chicago, Miami, California, Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Paris, Caracas, Santiago, San Juan, and of course, London.

They were the creators and founders of SushiOlé (Madrid 2004-2008), Sushi House (Mallorca 2008-2010), Japo Express (Mallorca 2010-2011), Oh! Sushi (Miami 2011-2012).

After three years in the London, on July 2018, we were ready to bring you our new concept in a small dark kitchen (delivery & takeaway) under a railway’s arch at Bethnal Green, making noritacos for those who love the Japanese-Latin fusion and hardcore street food. 


Some recognition

  • Best takeaway chef in Britain 2019 - The British Takeaway Awards
  • Finalist best takeaway Central London 2019 - The British Takeaway Awards
  • Takeaway of the year (East London) 2020 - The Food Awards London
  • Finalist for The Good Food Awards 2020 (Nov 2020)
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The time to do the right thing has come, we really believe the only possible way we could do our small contribution on this enormous and global fight against the virus is going for isolation, regardless we are a takeaway and delivery small family business, we are taking the tough determination to paused our operations until our heroes who are in the front line (police officers, nurses, delivery drivers, etc.) could win this war with their amazing high risk job.

We would like to say a huge DOMO / GRACIAS / THANKS to all our costumers, relatives, partners, friends, neighbours, collaborators, influencers and the best team ever among others for your passion, loyalty, support and most of all, for believe in us, we did amazing things together during this year and a half and we truly hope we will be back together very soon to do more Sugoi stuff...

We cannot be more grateful to have such a cool heroes fighting for our wellness, we just want to say to those key workers, you are the sugoiest!

Saturday the 21st March was our last day for now, please stay at home, be kind, be safe and be Sugoi...

Matane / Hasta pronto / See you soon ^O^


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