Oh! yes, nori is the Japanese name for edible seaweed, it is used chiefly as an ingredient to wrap the sushi roll.  Taco it is a traditional Mexican dish consisting of a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling.

Nori + Taco = Noritaco: It is a crispy seaweed tempura nori shell with sushi rice and Japanese-Latin fusion filling.


How many noritacos could I have?

As many as you'd like, but depends of the person, usually if you just want a snack, one is ok, but if you are looking for a whole meal, two noritacos and a side would be more than fine. Every person is different.


I do not like coriander at all, could you please remove it?

We made fresh food preps everyday before the shift, some of the mixes that contains coriander are already done like the pico de gallo, however, there are noticos that can be served without coriander as it is added after we made them, in our menu you could be able to see a note when it is not possible to make it happen. We are coriander lovers btw. There are some sauces that contains coriander too.


I have a severe allergy, could I try your food?

Unfortunately we do not suggest it, our kitchen is very small and busy, even when we have a high food standards, there is the possibility of a cross contamination, unfortunately we cannot guarantee allergens free food at all. Please read our allergen statement and chart here.


Are the noritacos gluten free?

All our noritacos shells are gluten free. Please note that all our dishes are prepared in the same kitchen so we cannot guarantee cross contamination hasn't occurred when preparing gluten free dishes.


How big are the noritacos ?

It is kind of the same thing as you were eating a sushi roll, just a bit of more ingredients.


Do you take cash payments at your kitchen or pop-up?

We are cashless, for many reason, security, hygiene, control, etc. We just take cards and online payments.   


I would like to place a delivery order by phone, how can I do it?

To ensure to provide you with a cool service and food there are two possible ways to place a order, via Deliveroo and via our website or downloading our app. Unfortunately we do not take orders or payments by phone.


Are you a restaurant, I would like to make a booking for dinner?

We are a Latin Japanese delivery and takeaway or takeout kitchen only, we do not have a restaurant place, just a prep kitchen, however at our South Wimbledon branch there is a nice small terrace and at our Chelsea venue you could be able to seat also, where you could enjoy the food, however there is not table service at all. 


Opening times?

Drying the current situation, our delivery and takeaway kitchen are open:


South Wimbledon:

Tuesday-Thursday 17:00-22:00

Fridy-Sunday 12:00-22:00



Sunday 13:00-21:00

Thursday - Saturday 13:00-22:00



Monday-Sunday 17:00-22:00



Monday-Thursday 15:00-22:00

Friday 15:00-22:30

Saturday - Sunday 12:00-15:30 & 16:00-22:30


Could I make an order to collect it at your kitchen?

Definitely, in fact, you could pre-order your Latin Japanese food and lets us know at what time would you like to pick it up, during our opening time obviously. (Online only, no phone calls).


Does your delivery services reach my place?

We send the delivery riders up to 2.49 miles (road trip - depending of weather conditions, among others) from our virtual kitchens, the best way to see if we are able to deliver our noritacos to your place is very simple, just introduce your postal code in our Deliveroo website.  


 Do you deliver with Uber Eats and Just Eats?

Regarding third parties apps, we are working just with Deliveroo (exclusivity). 



I placed a noritaco order with Deliveroo and I do not know where it is, could you help me? 

Of course, we will always do our best to get you the coolest Latin Japanese food experience, however, if you order trough Deliveroo, the fastest and easiest way to solve any issue related with your order is calling Deliveroo yourself, you could let us know the problem and we will give them a call as well. Tel: 020 3699 9977.


I would like to know about your hygiene rating please?

Yes, of course, we are proud to say that we have the highest score 5/5, you could always check it with the Food Standard Agency official website.

I would like to open my own Sugoi JPN kitchen, what should I do?

That is so Sugoi! Just send us an email to sugoi@thehospitalityportal.com and we will send you more information. 


How many calories does a nori shell have?

Please see below our estimate nutrition facts for one nori shell:

nori shell nutrition facts

Japan's rising sun flag?

Commercially the Rising Sun Flag is used on many products, designs, clothing, posters, beer cans (Asahi Breweries), newspapers (Asahi Shimbun), bands, manga, comics.  Among fishermen, represents their hope for a good catch of fish, means prosperity and hope for many others.

It was originally used in Japan during the Edo period (1603–1868 CE). Today it is used as a decorative flag on vessels as well as for festivals and events. The Rising Sun Flag is used at sporting events by the supporters of Japanese teams and individual athletes as well as by non-Japanese.

It is completely wrong to state that embracing the rising sun flag means taking pride in Japan’s military history. The design of the flag has been widely used in numerous scenes in the daily life of Japan for a long time, including celebrating childbirth and seasonal festivities. It is not an expression of political statement, nor a symbol of militarism. Many of objections against the rising sun flag are driven by political motives.

Want to read more about it? The Guardian


If you have any other question related to our food do not hesitate to contact us. 

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